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For Furnace Repair Service in Lawrence KS, call Cloud's Heating & Air Conditioning!
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Global Plasma Solutions Smoke & Odor Removal

Global Plasma Solutions Smoke & Odor Removal

Are You Searching For A Solution To Improve Your Indoor Air Quality?
Global Plasma Solutions' GPS-2400 Is What You Need!
Our patent pending technology has been 3rd party tested and proven to reduce or eliminate virus, bacteria, mold, allergies, dust, smoke and odors
Protecting Your Family and Home - When evaluating what can be done in your home to improve the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), a particulate filter with a MERV rating of 10 should be the minimum considered. A MERV 10 filter will capture dust, pollen and many other debris types. In addition, a product to eliminate virus, mold spores, bacteria, as well as VOCs (cooking odors, formaldehyde, pet odors, etc.) should always be included. GPS' products provide VOC and pathogen control, are easily installed and require very little maintenance and they won't be a drain on your pocketbook for years to come since there are never any replacement parts required, BPS' products have passed the UL 867 Ozone Chamber Test, which is the standard to look for when considering a new IAQ product for your home.
GPS-2400 Benefits
  1. Virus Protection
  2. Bacteria Protection
  3. Mold Protection
  4. Reduces Allergies
  5. Reduces Dust
  6. Neutralizes Odors
  7. Breaks down Volatile Organic Compounds
  8. Reduce Static Electricity
  9. Reduce Smoke
  10. No Maintenance Required
  11. Low Power Consumption
  12. No Ozone or Other Byproduct Odors
  13. No Glass Bulbs or Replacement Parts
  14. Does Not Contain Mercury
  15. Easily Installs Into Any Brand of Equipment
  16. For Use in Any Size Home

Global Plasma Solutions' patent pending technology produces positive and negative ions ( Cold Plasma ) in the air stream which treats the inside of the air conditioning equipment, duct work and then enters and purifies the entire home when the fan is on.

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